I'm your third-wheel with a camera.

It's not as weird as it sounds…

the process

We’ll meet up or chat on the phone.

As the person behind the camera, I want to make clients feel as comfortable and carefree as possible. So, getting to know you is a huge part of this and is something I look forward to the most. Photographing couples is inherently intimate, so we will learn a lot about each other and basically be best friends afterwards. Seriously though, it really should just feel like a few friends hanging out and taking pictures. Can you imagine if a complete stranger showed up to your wedding or elopement and told you to do things like caress each other’s faces? No thanks.

We’ll plan the shit out of this thing

Whether it’s a wedding, an adventure elopement, or an engagement in the mountains, I will be there as a resource every step of the way. I grew up here in Washington and am a huge fun of the Pacific Northwest. Exploring the outdoors is my specialty and I take every opportunity I can to discover new places or visit old ones. Need ideas on where to have your epic elopement? I got you. Need ideas on what you should wear to your adventure engagement session that requires a hike? I GOT YOU. Need to know what vendors don’t suck for your big wedding? I have a curated list of vendors who are the best. Whatever you need, I will do my absolute best to help you out!

We’ll take some pictures.

If we are doing an engagement session before the big day, the YAY! This is such a fun thing to do that is way more low key and helps you get comfortable in front of the camera. We will meet at the agreed upon location(s) to shoot or carpool if it makes sense to. During the engagement session, I’ll have you moving around a lot, playing, exploring, and wandering around together to create genuine moments to capture. If you’re a quiet or chill couple, I won’t make you do things like run around and play tag. If you’re a very outgoing and energetic couple, I will definitely make you do things like run around and play tag. Depending on how you two are together, I will tailor the experience to you so you can feel comfortable and most like yourselves. Usually at the end of an engagement session, i get comments like, “That was actually super fun and not weird at all”. And those comments are usually from the guys lol.

We’ll take some more pictures.

But this time…it will be on the day of your wedding or elopement! I will act as your outdoor guide if you need one, I can facilitate the events of the day, I will carry water and snacks for you, I will fix your hair or let you know when you have something in your teeth, I will hold up your dress when you pee whether if it’s on a toilet or in a hole in the ground while hiking, I will have fun with you, laugh with you, and definitely cry during your vows.



Let’s explore together

and I’ll document every moment along the way