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That’s me on the side of a cliff

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about me


i just like taking pictures

And there’s not much else to it! I simply love photography, I love people, and there is nothing else that makes me cry faster than when people are in love. A wedding or elopement is such a fun way to begin the rest of your lives, and I think it’s cool how these celebrations are a reflection of who the couple is. Basically, I’m a storyteller through images. Because I’m a terrible writer.

On most days, you can find me in my home office working, eating, staring at my dead plants, listening to music, and getting dressed to go to the gym but never going. I actually spend most of my day trying to entertain and exercise my husky, who has the energy of a thousand Spartan soldiers. I would say that being a husky mom is my full time job and I do photography on the side. Send help.


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Getting your picture taken can feel awkward, but it doesn’t have to.

On one of the most important days of your life, you want everyone surrounding you to be people you know, love, and trust. I am not just a photographer that shows up on the day of your wedding or elopement to tell you where to stand so I can take a picture — I am your friend. I am someone who will carry water around for you to stay hydrated, I will literally hold up your dress while you pee (yes, I’ve actually done this), I will fix your boutonnière when it’s falling off, I will tell you when your lip stick needs to be reapplied, and I will not be weirded out at all if you have to fart in front of me.

My number one goal is for you to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience while I capture your day. The best pictures are the ones where you feel truly yourself, the ones where you allow yourselves to be vulnerable, intimate, and real. Having a camera 2 feet away from you while you smash your faces together can get weird real quick. But, when it’s a buddy behind the lens, it’s really not that weird. Before the date of your wedding or elopement, I am down to go on non-wedding or elopement-related adventures with you, I’ll probably stalk your instagram, and make you text me when you’ve found your dress. I will be there for you to ask questions throughout the entire planning process and I’ll answer your texts at 6am. Again, I’m not just your photographer, I am your friend and a resource for you to make your dream day a reality.



My Family

I married this awesome guy named Darren, and our hellion dog’s name is Luka. Together we go hiking, backpacking, climbing, paddle-boarding, and generally get outside as much as possible. Wandering around in the wilderness carrying 30lbs+ on our backs and not showering for days is our favorite thing to do together. That and spending way too much money on house plants because they die really fast.


Want me to be your third wheel?